Pots and Kettles specializes in 

honestly good grub made with care

using wholesome ingredients. 

​​We are sanitized and safely serving you takeout food made from scratch, as always!

Food Truck reopening to be announced in late June

See Pots and Kettles on Facebook for daily menu.

Quinoa Bowl with roasted almonds!

Auntie Lena's Lasagna!

Peppermint Brownies - Fairly Famous & Gluten-Free!

One of my new creations: "It's Totally Possible Veggie Burger"! 

Veggie Burrito with creamy vegan chipotle sauce!

The food truck itself is currently taking a breather but we are offering free home delivery through May 28

Fresh Codfish Cakes with chopchop!

Lemon Yogurt Cake!

Supercalifragelicious Chocolate Chip Cookie!

Pots and Kettles is in the process of planning a new summer menu - full of the wholesomeness and quality you expect - with a whole lot of unexpected new treats!